Our Royal Sidr Honey

We specialize in selling raw premium Sidr honey from Yemen, Hadramout. We guarantee the quality of our honey and offer a generous refund policy.  We believe that selling the best quality is the right way to cultivate a long term relationship with our customers. We do our best to keep the prices as low as possible; however, the cost of Sidr honey is always high because of the limited production capacity and high demand.

Yemeni Sidr Honey is considered one of the finest and most expensive honey in the world. It's distinctive taste, high nutrition value, and limited quantity gives it this reputation. Royal Sidr honey comes from Sidr trees which grow uncultivated in the desert areas of Yemen. Honey experts have disputed about the distinctive taste and flavor of Sidr honey. Some referred such taste to the nature of the soil in such areas, others returned it to the nature of Sidr trees, and some mentioned that such distinctive taste comes as a result of the fact that bees have to travel several miles (maybe hundreds in round trip) to extract the nectar from the Sidr tree. Our Sidr honey always contains royal jelly because our beekeepers don't extract royal jelly from the harvested hives, and that's why it is sometimes called Royal Sidr honey, or Maliky Sidr honey.

In Yemen, the method of beekeeping has always been a traditional one. No chemicals or drugs allowed (in modern agriculture, chemicals and antibiotics are widely used to control mites and other bee diseases in the hives). No machinery used. All are done using simple tools, a little smoke and knives. The honey is then poured, unheated and raw, into containers, thus preserving its vital live enzymatic constituents.